Adding social media icons to your email signature

It is really easy to add social media icons to your email signature using Email Signature Rescue:

  1. Login to your Email Signature Rescue account
  2. Create or edit the email signature you wish to add social icons to
  3. Go to the Links tab
  4. Under "Our Icons" use the search options to find the icon you are looking for
  5. Click on the icon to add it to your list of icons, where you can now assign your link

How to assign website or mailto links to icons

Once the icon has been added to your list, you will see the Link or Mail icon to the right, click to open this and add the link.

Adding Google Analytics tracking or short URLs to icons

You can add these in your list, providing that you have turned  on Google Analytics and/or short URLs in Profile > Settings.

Can I move social icons around / sort icons?

Yes, once you've added an icon to your list, just hover on it to bring up the drag and drop symbol. Click on the icon and drag it in the list to where you would like to place it.

Two rows for more icons and/or text links

In Email Signature Rescue V2.0 we have provided you with an additional area for dragging and dropping social icons and text links. To make a second row of icons or text links, simply drag and drop the icons from the first list into the second list (under My Links).

Adding "Call to Action" text before the links/icons

If you would like to add "call to action" text before the social icons or links, simply turn on the field with "Follow Me" or "My Links" placeholder text. You can change this to whatever you would like to say, for example "Follow Us" or "Learn More About Us".

Combining icon colors

Some people like combining different icon colors, you can add any icon to your list, so combine away!

Uploading your own icons/custom icons

You can now upload your own icons and add them to your list under the "Your Icons" tab. Please follow the prompts in the Your Icons area.

Make your own custom icons

Check out to make your own social icons in the colors you need. Then simply upload them in the "Your Icons" tab.

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