Add more users / Add more email signatures / Upgrade your account

To add more users, add more email signatures or upgrade your account in Email Signature Rescue 2.0:

If you paid with Credit Card:

Simply go to Profile > Plans > Change Plans and select a new plan. You will only be charged the difference between what you originally paid and what is owing on the new plan. Your new plan will start immediately and at your next anniversary date, you will be charged the full new plan price. You can see our pricing here.

If you paid with Paypal:

You will first need to add a credit card, make it your primary payment method and remove the Paypal account. When you have made the credit card your primary payment method, you can then upgrade your account by going to Profile > Plans > Change Plans.

When you sign up with Paypal and change to credit card, we charge the full amount of the new plan and we refund any time owing from your old Paypal plan, to the new credit card.

Questions about upgrading? Contact support.


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