New Features Coming in 2014 - Email Signature Rescue V2.0

In early 2015 we will be releasing our Email Signature Rescue Version 2.0. We have listened to feedback from our customers and will be implementing some pretty big changes to Email Signature Rescue! 

Here's all of our new features that will be available to our current customers very soon:

  • Preview will automatically update with changes (no more saving each time!)
  • Ability to duplicate fields (make more taglines/telephones/websites instead of just one)
  • Make any text/label bold
  • Edit labels (edit the t. before telephone or the f. before fax etc)
  • Sortable fields (sort website, email, phone numbers etc)
  • Sortable icons (sort icons)
  • Custom icons (upload your own icons)
  • Add website links/email links to any field
  • Add more images and add any website link/email link to the image (add up to 5 additional images at the bottom of the email signature)
  • Change images (use promotional images) without having to re-download and install your signatures into your email clients
  • Circle crop your images

Sneak Peak

sneak peak

Other great features include:

  • Better Reseller features, ability to add more than one business, allowing other web designers and developers to re-sell our templates to their own clients
  • Credit card payments including USD, AUD, GBP and EUR.
  • Hosting our app, images and other user assets on Amazon servers with better CDN management

Got questions about our new features? Submit a support ticket to discuss them with us.

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