Email signature looks different when pasting it into Outlook 2013

When you paste your email signature into the signature settings box in Outlook 2013 and it doesn't look the same as the version you created in Email Signature Rescue, there may be some leftover code in the signature box that needs to be removed.

You need to make sure you delete everything from the signature box before you paste the signature in. If you do not delete everything before you paste your signature in, it will not work correctly.

Here's what you need to do:

Delete all of the email signature from the signature settings box.

Make sure that your cursor is at the top left of the signature box and you cannot select anything inside the box. You should not be able to move the cursor anywhere, it should remain in the top left corner. You may not be able to see it, the only way to ensure you have deleted it all it to double click around inside the box and delete anything you find.

Now re-paste in your email signature.

Preview Box cutting off email signature view in Outlook 2013

Also, we have noticed that the preview box in Outlook 2013 may cut off your HTML email signature. Usually the email signature has been pasted in correctly. To double check if your email signature is setup correctly, compose a new email message and see if the email signature looks correct in there instead.

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