Tips for uploading images to your email signature

  • The best image / logo type for uploading is a JPG at 72 DPI.
  • Our image uploader cannot process PDF or DOC/DOCX files only JPG, PNG and GIF.

Blurry images

  • If you upload a transparent PNG image or logo, it may look blurry. If you can, upload a JPG instead or save your PNG without transparency.
  • If your image is blurry and you are on Windows, check that you don't have settings enabled to increase text size on your PC's display settings. Read more here.
  • Another reason for blurry images is the type of image you are uploading is saved as CMYK color, which is used for print work, and will not look good on computer screens (not just your email signature, any computer screen). You need to talk to your logo designer and ask for the image in RGB color.

 If all else fails, please lodge a support ticket for assistance.

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