Default images and unique images

There are two options for inserting an image into your email signature using Email Signature Rescue 2.0. You can either choose to upload a Default Image, which can be used for every email signature, OR you can choose to upload a unique image, per signature.

Each signature can have a combination of Default or Unique images, depending on what you require.

Example: Company Logo

If you would like to use the same image on each email signature, for example, a company logo, you can select to use the Primary Default Image in the Images tab, when creating a signature.

Then you will need to upload the Default Primary image by going to your Dashboard > Default Images and upload your primary image there. This will then select the same image and link that you assigned in the Default Image area to all signatures that select the Default Primary Image.

Example: Profile Photos

If you want to add a different Primary image for each signature, you can upload an image directly to the signature, when creating it, in the Images tab.

Example: Combination of Default and Unique Images

You could have the same Default Primary image, and banner images on all signatures, like a logo and your company's promotional banners, and then upload unique secondary images, like profile photos, using the options provided. 

TIP: In the same place you upload your images, whether they are Default or Signature images, you can also assign a website link, mailto link, Google Analytics tracking code to the image, or make your image's website link a short link (if you have these options turned on in your Settings).

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