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How do I install my email signature?

My signature images are being blocked by some email clients, can you force other people's email clients to download images automatically?

My signature images are being blocked by some email clients, I thought that images would not come through as attachments if I use Email Signature Rescue?

My email signature's images came through to a recipient as attachments (they were not blocked), what happened?

Why aren't the links working in my email signature?

Why does my email signature look different when someone replies to my email? Why can't it stay exactly the same as they way I sent it?

Why is there a need for a service like Email Signature Rescue?

Do HTML signatures include a plain text version for email clients or apps that don't receive HTML?

Why do you code signatures using tables, wouldn't using more modern coding techniques like DIVs and inline CSS be the way to go?

Are your email signature templates responsive? Do they adapt to different screen sizes?

My email message was flagged as spam, does the email signature cause this?

Sending from Outlook or Gmail, links are turning blue and/or underlined

The images in my signature appear bigger or blurry and I'm using Windows

I'm using Mac Mail (Apple Mail) and I cannot work out how to install my email signature?

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  • Avatar
    Andy Wynn

    Hi - I'm trying to set up a very simple signature that is just black text on white (my corporate colours)that looks something like below, can you assist please? Thank you!

    Andy Wynn (Bold Arial)

    Clipper Consulting (large arial font)
    Experience | Judgment | Integrity (small arial italics font, lining up to the right under "Consulting")

    +44 7734 111677
    +44 1256 760220

    43 Bedford Street, Covent Garden
    London WC2E 9HA, United Kingdom

  • Avatar
    Emily Smith

    Hi Andy,

    We have a few different signature templates that might suit your needs. You should check out our email signature templates here -

    • Emily
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