White lines on Colorbar or Understated Template

If you see white lines in the colored area of either the Colorbar or Understated HTML signature templates when you receive the email signature, the email signature has not been installed properly.

When installing the signature and copying and pasting the email signature into the email client, please ensure that you are using the Ctrl A button to highlight all of the code and then the Ctrl C button to copy it. 

  • Open your signature in Full Screen Preview
  • Press Ctrl A to highlight (or Command A on Mac)
  • Press Ctrl C to copy (or Command C on Mac)
  • Press Ctrl V to paste (or Command V on Mac)

If you use your mouse to select the code you may miss out on grabbing some of the code needed to make it work properly. So do not use the mouse to select, only use Ctrl A to highlight and Ctrl C to copy the signature and Ctrl V to paste it in.

You also need to make sure that when pasting the signature, there is nothing left over in the signature text box before you paste it. Please ensure that the box is completely empty before pasting the signature.

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