Automatic vcard generation

A new feature of Email Signature Rescue V2.0 is automatic vcard generation. The vcard will be generated from the information you have included in your (or your staff's) email signature.

To enable the automatic vcard generation, simply add a "vcard" icon to your email signature. You can find a vcard icon by searching for "vcard" in any of the icon color sets.

Adding your own custom vcard icon

If you want to add your own custom vcard icon, and upload it to the email signature, call your icon vcard.jpg and the software will automatically recognize that you are adding a vcard icon and will link an automatically generated vcard to it.

V1.0 members

If you used Email Signature Rescue V1.0 and added a vcard, your imported V2.0 signatures will link to your old vcard path from V1.0. We recommend that you delete this vcard and add a new automatically generated vcard, by following the steps above, as soon as possible.

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