Optimizing your email signature for mobiles

Since you can only ever send one version of your email signature, we have to make sure that the version you are sending is optimized for mobile, during the design phase. 

As you are the designer with our software, this is usually up to you. 

Our templates are designed to look nice on mobile devices, but depending on the amount of information you include in your signature, and the size of the images, you might sometimes find that your signature looks squished or takes up too much screen on mobile devices, because of the information you have put into the signature.

Why aren't our signatures responsive/adaptive to screen sizes?
Generally, email clients cannot include headers in the HTML, which removes the ability to create responsive email signatures, since the code needed to determine screen size is included in the header. 

If you want your signature to look like its designed for mobile, there are some things you should do:

Include smaller images.
Images sent in email signatures to mobiles are not responsive, so the size of the image you send, is the size that will be received. Avoid the temptation to include really large logos or photos in your email signature if you want it to be optimized for mobile viewing. Check out this handy article on image sizes in email signatures - https://emailsignaturerescue.com/support/general-faq/what-size-should-the-images-in-my-email-signature-be

Be smart with the template you choose.
If you have a wide logo, choose a more vertical template design like the Div Party, Neptune or The Socialite instead. We have also recently introduced Solo versions of all of our horizontal layout templates which stack the text fields vertically, rather than horizontally, which is great for mobile screens. Using both a wide logo and a wide template design, will usually break the design on mobile view or squish it and it won't look as nice.

Separate long addresses on to more than one line. 
If your address is quite long, consider separating the address line on to 2, 3 or even 4 separate lines. This is easy to do. Simply use the address field and add your information into the separate lines.

Shorten email address and website links
If you want your email and website links side by side and they are quite long, consider writing something other than the actual email or website address in the text field.

For example, instead of writing: name@longwebsiteaddress.com
You could write: Email Me

For more information, you can read this article about how to design a signature for mobile devices - https://emailsignaturerescue.com/support/using-the-email-signature-rescue-software/how-to-optimize-your-email-signature-for-mobile-devices

And remember, if you need additional help at any time during the design phase, we have Designers on standby, free to use, for our paying members to help you achieve the perfect email signature design. Please don't be afraid to utilize our Designers, by simply asking for help with your design through our Help Desk.

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