Advantages and Disadvantages of using Short URLs in your email signature

Advantages of using Email Signature Rescue's own short URLs in your email signature

Facebook links will open correctly on mobiles
The reason for this is that on mobile, any URL starting with '' automatically opens in the Facebook app, rather than the web browser on the device. So if you don't use a short URL to link to your Facebook page, and someone opens your email and clicks on your Facebook link, they will be sent to the Newsfeed of the Facebook App instead of your Facebook link.

Skype click to call, click to chat and click to add links will work in unsupported email clients like Gmail
When adding Skype links to your email signature, for instance, skype:username?call, this feature is not supported in all email clients, like Gmail. By using a short link, we direct users to the browser first, which tricks it into opening the Skype click to call function.

Email Signature Analytics
Later, we will be introducing smarter Email Signature Analytics. You will be able to track clicks to all of your links in your email signatures, including your banners and images. This will be great for feedback for what clients are clicking on and wanting more information about in your email signature and doesn't limit reporting to only links to your website.

Shorter code for email clients that have character limits
Most online email software like Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, Windows Live Mail, and Office 365 have character limits on the email signature length. By using short URLs we can reduce the amount of code produced and this can significantly increase the information, social icons and images you can include in your email signature.


Some email programs could flag your emails as spam
Because you use short URLs that redirect to a different website than the URL shows, some email clients detect this and could mark your emails as spam. Unfortunately, some spammers uses short URLs to disguise links in emails. In most cases this won't happen, but it could. You may be able to get around this issue by ensuring you are added to your recipient's safe sender lists. We recommend you try it with the short URLs and if you're getting blocked a lot, turn them off instead.

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