Change images without having to reinstall the HTML code in your email client

If you want to change images regularly in your email signature, but don't want to have to reinstall every signature in all email clients each time you change it, Email Signature Rescue can do that! 

This feature would be particularly useful for those who want to regularly change images in their email signature, for example, banners or promotional images.

How to change images without having to re-install the HTML code in your email client

Edit the image you would like to change by pressing the "Edit" button. Do not delete the image (do not press the X button), only press the "Edit" button.

The edit image modal will come up and it shows your current image in the editor. Press "Remove" to remove the current image. Then upload your new image in it's place.

Banner Image Layouts

You need to keep the banner image layouts exactly the same for this feature to work. For example, you cannot change the banner layout from 1 600x100 banner, to 3 200x100 banners. You must upload the same number of banners and you must not change the banner layout. 

Changing Image Links or Text

You cannot change image links or any other text in the signatures, you can only change the images. We suggest that for linking to promotion web pages, you overwrite the promotional web pages to correspond to the banners each month.

For example, if you setup a web page like on your website and link to this in your email signature banner, you would need to update the web page to correspond with the banner promotion each month. 

Social Media Icons

This feature does not work with social media icons.

What happens after you upload your new image

Once uploaded, your new image should show in the editor preview straight away.

However, the old image may still show in the full screen preview, download or email previews or even in your email client.

This is because all images are cached on our CDN for faster delivery. It may take anywhere from 5 - 30 minutes for your new image to show everywhere including in your email client.

NOTE: Some email clients will continue to show the older images when composing the email, but receivers of the email will see the newer images. This is because of how the email client caches the image.

Outlook 2007 / Outlook 2010 / Outlook 2013 users

You will need to install your signature using the Advanced method for this feature to work. Read more here -

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