How to add social media icons

Step One

Login to your Email Signature Rescue account.

Login to your Email Signature Rescue account

Step Two

Create a new signature and add a Name, Role and Email. If you already have a signature, select Edit.

Create new signature or edit existing

Step Three

Switch to your Links tab just below your signature preview window.

You now have three options: Add some of our icons, upload your own icons, or add text links.

If you don't have your own icons, select Our Icons. You will see a range of social icons with some Filter options to the top right. Use these to change the color, shape and size to match your business' branding.

How to filter social icon colors, shapes and sizes

Step Four

Clicking on an icon will add it to your signature and allow you to attach your profile link. To add your links to your social icons, simply click the chain/link icon and paste your URL into the bar.

How to add Social Media Icons to your Email Signature

Step Five

Now that you have added your social media icons and your links, simply install your signature by following one of our installation guides that suits your mail client.

Congratulations! You've successfully added your social media icons to your email signature.

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