How to add a legal disclaimer

Step One
Login to your Email Signature Rescue account.

Login to your Email Signature Rescue account

Step Two
Create a new signature and add a Name, Role and Email. If you already have a signature, select Edit.

Create new signature or edit existing

Step Three
Select your Messages tab. You will see a field called Privacy Text as shown below, you can add your legal disclaimer here.

You can also choose to add a "Read more" link to the end of your disclaimer. This is helpful if you require a long legal disclaimer, but don't want to show it all on your email signature, and can link to an online version of it instead.

legal disclaimer messages email signature

Should I include a legal disclaimer in my email signature and what should I write?

If you are sending emails that include confidential information, or just think that you might need to include a legal disclaimer in your email signature, you should seek legal guidance. We include some standard disclaimer text for example purposes, but it might not cover all situations. It's best to talk with a Lawyer or Solicitor about your individual needs, just as you would when writing your website terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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