How to add a vcard link

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How to add a vcard link to your email signature
When you create your email signature, our system will automatically generate a vcard based on the information you have entered in your signature. You simply need to enable your vcard icon for your recipients to open.

automatically generated vcards for your email signature

All you need to do, is select an email signature template, add one of our vcard icons to your signature and add your contact details to the signature, and our software will generate a link where recipients can download your vcard. It's as easy as that.

Select a colored vcard icon to match your business branding.

If you want to use your own custom icon or image for a vcard link, simply name the image "vcard.jpg, vcard.png or vcard.gif", upload it in our custom icon uploader and the software will automatically recognize that you want to add it as a vcard and link to your automatically generated vcard.

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